How to buy an apartment in Spain? – ebook



We take a very important step when we deciding to buy a flat abroad. We need to get to know the reality of the country where we decide to buy. We should prepare ourselves to make a such decision. The following ebook will help us in this – “How to buy an apartment in Spain?”

Table of contents:

  1. What is the purpose of buying my apartment?
  2. Which region in Spain should I choose to buy an apartment?
  3. How to choose a good town where I want to buy an apartment?
  4. Can I buy an apartment remotely without coming and seeing it?
  5. Where to find apartment offers on the Internet?
  6. How much can I buy an apartment in Spain?
  7. What are the forms of financing an apartment?
  8. How to choose an agent to buy an apartment?
  9. What does a notarial deed look like?
  10. How long does the transaction of buying an apartment in Spain take?
  11. Is it safe, how do I know the seller is honest?
  12. How much is the first installment or an advance payment for an apartment?
  13. How to prepare before flying to Spain?
  14. How about flying and covid? What are the requirements?
  15. How to transfer cheap euro currency to an account in Spain?
  16. How to choose a good apartment?
  17. Do I need a bank account in Spain or can I have a bank account in euro in my country?
  18. Do I need no NO?
  19. How to get a NIE number for tax purposes?
  20. Can I rent a flat that I buy?
  21. What is the rental profitability?
  22. Who handles the apartment?
  23. How to find a ticket to Spain at a good price?
  24. What are the taxes when buying an apartment in Spain and what are other related fees?
  25. How much does an apartment cost?
  26. Should you choose the primary or secondary market?
  27. What are the costs of everyday living?
  28. How long does it take to prepare an offer by an intermediary?
  29. How many apartments do I need to see to choose the right one?
  30. What is ocupas?
  31. How long does it take to obtain a tourist license?
  32. What is a tanning bed?
  33. What’s the deal with the number of bedrooms or rooms?

After purchasing the e-book, we will be happy to answer any questions related to the subject of the book, which you did not find in the e-book, within 7 days.

Page format : A5
Pages : 25
Files extensions: pdf, epub, mobi


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