How to equip an apartment for rent?



The market of apartments for short-term rental is developing very dynamically. Nowadays, tenants aren’t satisfied with just any equipment, but expect a standard that will make their stay in the apartment comfortable and pleasant. Owners of apartments for rent must adapt to the current needs of the market and take care of the appropriate equipment.

In the following e-book you will find practical tips on how to arrange an apartment for rent in accordance with the current trends and not spend a fortune on it.

The e-book contains practical tips on interior design of apartments for rent.

You will learn:

  • What materials to use when finishing the apartment?
  • What equipment to take care of?
  • How to adapt the apartment for families with children?
  • How to adapt the apartment for vacationers coming with animals?
  • Where to get good-quality materials and furniture?
  • What colors and materials should be used in interior design?


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